Join Us For Our 17th Season!

Allstar Athletics
Cheerleading Training Center
18475 Thompson Court (7800 West)
Tinley Park, IL. 60477
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Training Facility Features
Custom designed and built for cheerleading
  • Parent viewing area with full length one-way glass (practices may be closed for viewing based on coach's discretion)
  • Climate controlled facility, including gym area
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Homework room (for all of you who like to spend significant time at the gym)
  • Professional Sound System
  • Divided tumbling and cheerleading areas
  • TWO Cheerleading Floors  - Spring and regular
  • Tumble Trak
  • Rod Floor into an in-ground resi-pit
  • In-ground trampoline
  • Traveling spotting rig with twisting belts
  • Various tumbling and training apparatus
  • Instant Replay to vew team and indivudual performance for learning purposes
  • Much more.....
Viewing area with one-way glass
Trampoline and spring floor tumble strip in to
an in-ground resi pit
Gym curtain separating cheer practice from tumbling

Our new logo. Also note the STARS above the mirrors. Each year we dedicate a STAR to our graduating seniors.


Now Offering Two Cheerleading Floors


Spring and Regular Cheer Floor


Rod Floor

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