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Tumbling and Specialty Classes

Tumbling Schedule - See Class Descriptions Below

6 Week Sessions Only $79

Call for Discounted Team Pricing

 Special 12 Weeks for $135

  • Registration Waiver Form Required
  • Additional classes will be added as required.
  • School and Rec Private Team Tumbling Classes Also Available - Call for information and discounted pricing
  • There is a $35 annual registration fee for all members.
  • No make up classes, refunds or credits
  • Allstar Athletics reserves the right to reduce class time if less than three students attend class.

Learning to tumble, whether it's a cartwheel or an advanced pass such as a double full is more than just flipping.  We teach proper form, technique, progression and the required conditioning  to meet your tumbling goals. 

Low Student to certified coach ratio

iconBalance & Flexibility Class

$10 per Classs or 6 classes for $50 - Wednesdays 7:30-8:00 and Saturdays 10:00-10:30

Looking to imporove your FLYING TECHNIQUE and body positions or increase your flexibility for JUMPS? This is the class for you. You will learn to to strengthen your body to hold positions such as scorpions and bow n arrows while imroving flexibility for jumps as well.

iconDrills = Skills Class

$10 per Classs or 6 classes for $50 - Wednesdays 8:00-8:30 and Saturdays 10:30-11:00

Are you having trouble mastering your tumbling skills and don't know why? This class will strengthen your skills so more advanced tumbling skills such as back tucks, layouts, and fulls will come quicker.... It takes more than flips and being spotted!

iconSummer Tumbling Clinics

August 5th    Level 1 and 2      12:00-1:30

August 6th Level 3, 4, and 5 12:00-1:30

$20.00 Prepay     $25.00 at door

Print schedule Here

iconTumbling - Level 4-5

1 Hour per week for six weeks

  • $79.00 per 6 week session
  • $69.00 per 6 week session for squad members 
Level 4-5 tumbling class is for the tumbling student who is well into their tumbling career. The athlete should have completed Level 1-3 tumbling. Once skills such as flip flop back tucks are perfected and executed with good form and technique consistently, the athlete will move onto learning layout skills. The students will also continue to work on standing back tucks and multiple trick standing passes. Additionally, the athletes with consistent layouts will begin to learn proper technique and form for full and double twisting layouts.

iconTumbling - Level 3

1 Hour per week for six weeks

  • $79.00 per 6 week session
  • $69.00 per 6 week session for squad members 
Level 3 tumbling is for the athlete who has been through Level 1 and 2 tumbling and is ready to move onto new tumbling skills. This class works to ensure that the student keeps their skills from beginner class fresh, but also works on learning and perfecting new skills. Must have rounf off flip flop with good technique and standing flip flop. In this class students work on round off multiple back handsprings, round off back tucks, round off back handspring back tucks, and multiple standing tumbling skills. Before advancing to the advanced class student athletes are expected to perform round off back tucks and round off back handsprings back tucks on their own with good form and technique.

iconGym Rental

Team Practices
$8.00 for two hours per student (minimum $50 per practice)
Call us for DISCOUNTED pricing on a set practice time for multiple practices. 708.532.6506

iconTumbling - Level 1-2


1 Hour per week for six weeks


  • $79.00 per 6 week session
  • $69.00 per 6 week session for squad members 


 Level 1
This class is for new tumbling athletes. Emphasis focuses on introduction to cheerleading tumbling. The students learn the proper form and technique for cartwheels, round offs, and back handsprings. Great attention is paid to body awareness and understanding of how the body performs through tumbling skills. Before moving onto a more advanced class athletes are expected to perform cartwheels and roundoffs with good form. Athletes should be in the process of working on back handsprings.


 Level 2

Students must already have a cartwheel,  roundoff with good form and can do a back hand spring with a spot. Class will focus on perfecting standing back handsprings and roundoff back handsprings. Before moving onto a more advanced class students must be able to perform standing back handsprings and round off back handsprings on their own with good form.

iconTumbling - Privates

PRIVATE Tumbling

One Person - $30.00 - 35.00 half-hour depending on coach
1 hour sessions are also available

iconTumbling - Team

We can schedule a class just for your team. Discounts availble!

iconTeam Clinics/Camps

School and Rec Teams -  More Classes... More Coaches... More Camps. Programs designed just for you. All in our state-of-the -art cheerleading facility.

Click here for details.

We train National All-Star and State High School Champions! We can customize a skills or choreography camp to meet your needs and budget. Call now to reserve your dates 708.532.6506 
See Staff page for information about their experience and qualifications. We can also schedule a tumbling class just for your team. Come see for yourself why members of some of the top (based state championship placement) junior high school and high schools train at ALLSTAR ATHLETICS.